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Rolex Air King Replica

Rolex Air King Replica is paying tribute to this noble and exceptional animal by creating a limited edition timepiece. You can choose from two versions of the Rolex Air King Replica: one in rose gold or one in platinum. Each is limited to 28 pieces.

Both editions feature hand-carved Jaquemarts engraved on genuine black onyx dials. Rolex Air King Replica, a high-horology manufacturer, is the only one to use Jaquemarts.Fake Tudor Jaquemarts are synchronized with every strike of a gong thanks to the striking mechanism.

The black onyx dial's horse figurines radiate beauty. You can see their chiseled muscles and long, voluminous tails, as well as their prominent facial features. Rolex Air King Replica can play for an hour and a half on demand or it can be set to "gong” the time as it passes. The horse figurines perform together every time the hammer strikes the gong. Two Jaquemart "horses", made from 18-karat rose gold or 18-karat yellow gold, are available.

Rolex Air King Replica uses a reliable and efficient Caliber UN610 self-winding motor that provides no less than 42 hours power reserve when fully wound. Both sides of the watch are protected by sapphire crystals. Water resistance is guaranteed to the watch down to 30 metres (approximately 100 ft).

The new Rolex Air King Replica comes in either an 18-karat rose-gold or platinum case, as I've already mentioned. Their referent numbers are 6106-133/E2-HORSE and 6109-133/E2-HORSE.rolex cellini replica watches It measures 43mm in size and is fastened to the wrist by a black leather strap with a folding buckle.

Rolex Air King Replica is another example of music and movement telling time in rhythm within an iconic Hourstriker family. This extraordinary timepiece is worth checking out. Rolex Air King Replica was also the first manufacturer to lead the revival of this striking mechanism.

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