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U-Boat Replica Watches

Since almost 25 years, the Hourstriker is part of U-Boat Replica Watches's Exceptional Collection. The Hourstriker Tiger is an evolution of the beloved watch. It features a new case design and a dial that's made from a solid disc black onyx.

This exquisite dial features two 18-karat-gold tiger figurines hand-carved and moving with the sound of an awl. Standing upright on their backs, the tigers chase each other with their frontpaws every hour or indicate the time at the touch of a button. The tiger Jaquemarts adjusts the number of times that the hammer strikes the gong as it goesngs.replica watches Depending on preferences, the eye-catching mechanism can be activated/deactivated by simply pressing the pusher once.

The brand's history is marked by the production of mechanisms tooled with a ring. The gong was merged with the Jaquemart feature in the 1980s. U-Boat Replica Watches was one of the first watchmakers to help fuel the revival of this striking mechanism. The Swiss manufacturer is the only one to still use Jaquemarts in the dial.

Tigers, on the other hand, have been chosen because they are a symbol for power and energy and are prominently featured around the globe. The tiger is associated in Asia, Europe,Breitling Replica Watches and the Middle East with the power and might of kings.

U-Boat Replica Watches (ref. The 18-karat rose-gold case 6106-130/E2 measures 43mm in size. It has stunning stepped lugs, and a modern look. The elegant case is protected on both sides by antireflective sapphire stones. The case can withstand water pressure up to 30 meters (around 100 feet). The unique hour and minute hands add a finishing touch to the new watch.

The new U-Boat Replica Watches's beating heart is the caliber UN 610 self winding movement. This watch can provide enough power to run for at least 42 hours if fully wound. Through the sapphire crystal screwed back, you can see the impeccable mechanism and its exquisitely crafted components.

U-Boat Replica Watches combined the new leather strap with a folding buckle and genuine leather strap.

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